Facebook Marketing Can Increase Engagement And Brand Awareness

Facebook marketing is all about creating a brand, a business image, a persona for your business, one that you want people to perceive as being trustworthy, approachable, warm, and non-threatening. When I first learned of this concept, I found it strange, even funny. But if you think about it in the right light, as a way to market your real estate website, then your initial reaction may be that it’s a bit silly… but you have no reason not to use it! This article will explain the concept behind Facebook marketing and how you can use this social networking website to your advantage.

So what is social media marketing? Social media marketing (SMM) is simply a means of interacting with your Facebook and other social networking sites, in a non-intrusive manner. For example, instead of going into each individual post and making sales calls about your property, you can simply interact with your audience and build trust and rapport. If done effectively, you can actually build brand recognition for your real estate website, which is something any realtor could never do without using SMM. Therefore, a smart realtor will use SMM to market his or her real estate firm.

So how is social media marketing done on Facebook? One way is to send PPC ads, also known as pay per click ads, to your Facebook friends’ walls. If your friends are into your market and have their Wall open to the public, you’ll have an instant injection of brand recognition. Facebook also has an internal ad tool called the ‘Ad Manager’ where you can create and send PPC ads. There are many Facebook ad settings and factors to take into consideration before sending out an ad – one of the most popular ad setting is the Cost Per Click (CPC), which is set by you and only you will know what your customers are willing to pay for the services you offer.

Another form of Facebook marketing is to put up a collection ad. Collection ads let interested parties know about your business without actually sending them directly to their Newsfeed. This kind of advertising is usually less direct but can be highly effective if you’ve designed your collection ad correctly. Your collection ad will generally appear in the left sidebar, above the regular Newsfeed, and you can use many Facebook elements, like an image, video, text, and icons, to make it fit well with your user interface and the Facebook format.

A third way to use Facebook to market your real estate agency or your business is through promotion contests. Promotion contests give your audience a special prize, which they can redeem through delivery or purchase of a product from your company. For example, you might set up a Facebook contest awarding a “Best Buy” ticket to a buyer who buys a specific number of units within a specific time period. By giving your audience a special prize that is attainable, you establish yourself as a professional marketer, brand awareness builder, and brand presence in the community – all of which are important to help build your business and drive more people to your website or blog.

One last great way to use Facebook to boost your website traffic and increase your brand awareness is to run targeted ads. These ads may appear in the sidebar, or they may appear at the top or the bottom of the Newsfeed. You can create as many ads as you like, and the number of ads you have running at any given time will dictate how much audience you can expect to attract. But, if you want to do this right, be sure that you’re using the appropriate channels to advertise. Ad size is limited on Facebook, so be sure to use a small, appropriately sized ad to capture the attention of your audience.

As you can see, there are several effective Facebook marketing channels that a good freelance marketer can take advantage of to increase traffic and brand awareness. The key is to pick a strategy that works for you, and then consistently follow through with it. Even if you don’t have time to devote to marketing on Facebook, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Remember, time is money. If you can’t manage to focus on two or three hours a day on Facebook marketing, then you need to find another way to increase your exposure to your target audience.

As you can see, there are several great ways for a Facebook marketer to leverage on the power of Facebook. If you haven’t already signed up for a Facebook account, you should definitely do so. You can use Facebook to build an engaged audience, connect with your target audience, engage in conversation, and promote products and services. Use all the tools available to increase your brand awareness with Facebook marketing today.

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