Why YouTube Advertising is Beneficial

YouTube advertising is integrated in to your Google AdWords account through YouTube Creator Studio. Once you create your own video advertisement, you then upload it to Google Adwords, choose your demographics, customize your audience, and post it on many already existing YouTube videos. There are basically three categories of YouTube advertising: Trueview Ads, In Context Ads, and Sponsored Ads. In this article, we’ll discuss each type of YouTube advertising.

Trueview Ads: If you are a business that has an online presence such as an ecommerce website, blog, or website with an existing shopping cart, then you can take advantage of YouTube’s true view ads feature. Under the true view advertising category, there are ads which show up when a specific keyword is searched for using YouTube search. The ad will show up right away on top of all related videos found on YouTube for the keyword you searched for. When a viewer watches your advertisement, they will see your ads at the top of the list, above all other videos. The duration of your YouTube ad can be set to either one, two, or three minutes. The rate at which your ads appear can also be set to either take minutes or offer a daily, weekly, or monthly rotation.

In context ads: These are the most popular form of YouTube advertising. Under the sponsored ads category, there are two different ways to create an ad campaign. You can create an ad campaign which includes both text and video content or you can create an ad campaign which only includes video content. In the video campaign format, your ad appears whenever your specific keyword phrase is searched for in YouTube.

When you create a YouTube campaign for a brand, product, or service you are creating a store, an online storefront. This is called a Store and has inventory type capabilities. A Store has several features including product reviews, a way for viewers to comment on your products, and allows the viewer to create a profile. The basic version of this type of campaign runs as a pay-per-click campaign with the publisher paying Google when a visitor clicks on an advertisement. Pay-per-click campaigns which run on YouTube have a lower click through rate but cost significantly less per impression than what a well crafted Store campaign does.

Another version of this type of campaign is an Affiliate Program. With an Affiliate Program you do not have to maintain a store or inventory type. Instead, once you sign up as an affiliate, Google or another third party site will host the information and manage the ad campaign. Affiliate Programs typically provide specific details about the product you are promoting and the audience you are targeting. You pay when your audience makes a purchase based on the information you provided on your site or through the affiliate program.

A Brand is a specific name or logo associated with a company or organization. YouTube advertising helps promote a brand because it allows viewers to view specific videos related to the product or service you are selling. This provides a more customized way to advertise for a brand rather than running general ads across multiple websites. A brand may be as simple as a logo or mascot but it can include a product line, an image, or a message.

An AdSense campaign uses Google’s Content Network to display ads relevant to users browsing YouTube videos. Google’s Content Network has been around for a while and is easy to use. It connects users who have visited YouTube with advertisers who want to display their ads on users’ pages. Google charges advertisers for each click that occurs on their ads. Google’s ads show up at the top or bottom of the user’s page after they have clicked through from the video being watched.

The ultimate goal of all of these types of advertising is to attract new customers. The ability to connect with the audience on a more personal level gives companies greater chances of persuading viewers to buy from them. This type of advertising builds brand loyalty and can help increase sales by reaching a highly targeted audience. YouTube ads give businesses a great opportunity to reach the global community and create a positive impact.

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